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Hunger Action Month


Hunger Action Month - September 2018

What Is Hunger Action Month?
September is Hunger Action Month. One in 9 people right here in North Dakota – including more than 1 in 6 children struggle to put food on the table. Don’t let their struggles go unheard.

Join the Great Plains Food Bank and Speak Out Against Hunger. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Speak Out Against Hunger! We're asking everyone to Speak Out Against Hunger on behalf of the more than 97,000 people in North Dakota that struggle with hunger. We have a variety of actions both online and in-person that people can take to Speak Out Against Hunger. Become a Great Plains Food Bank Hunger Advocate.

2. Volunteer Your Time! There are many volunteer opportunities at the Great Plains Food Bank, and we look forward to sharing our passion to help end hunger with you. Check out our volunteer page and get registered to come into the Great Plains Food Bank to volunteer now!

3. Learn About Hunger in ND! The faces of hunger are changing and growing every day. The Great Plains Food Bank has developed many Programs and Services to help end hunger in our community.

How are we taking action during Hunger Action Month?

There are opportunities throughout Hunger Action Month to be active in the fight to end hunger. Find specific events below you can be active along with the Great Plains Food Bank.

30 ways in 30 days action calendar

Take an action each day to help fight hunger. Follow the Great Plains Food Bank on Twitter and Facebook for daily reminders of how you can help or download the calendar below.












Hunger Action Month Social Media Graphics

Download these social media graphics to be used to spread the message throughout Hunger Action Month.

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